Breakfast IS a Big Deal
This is one of the most important meals of your day!! It is what gets your “engines” started.  This was my weekend breakfast.  The toast was buttered with butter spray, the egg was cooked in a non-stick skillet with oil spray and the bacon is less 40% sodium.  You get whole grains from the bread, protein from the egg, great taste from the bacon and it is very satisfying.  All of this for 4 points.  
According to health experts,  when you starve yourself for more than twelve hours, your metabolic rate actually goes down by 40%. Therefore, your body senses a dietary disaster and quickly goes into storage mode rather than burning mode and greatly slows down your metabolism and your body stops burning fat and stores it!!!! Yikes.  
Eating breakfast keeps your metabolism turned on and calories are more likely to be burned off before they can turn into fat!!  Plus your brain works better (very important for kids).  Eating toast or a bagel only is like eating sugar. Your blood levels go way up and then drop way down leaving you tired and with no energy.  THINK BREAKFAST!!  
Breakfast burritos are great for on the go eating. Scramble eggs, add veges, roll up in a whole wheat tortilla, don’t forget a little salsa.  
What do you eat for breakfast?
Hope this posting reminds you to keep track of your healthy habits.  
Breakfast IS a Big Deal
Wednesday, March 14, 2007
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