Pork Chop w/Steamed Veges
I’ve been cooking my way thru my freezer.  You know how freezers can get, stuffed with all sorts of odds and ends.  Since I buy the pork chops from Costco (they are delicious) I have to repackage into 2 piece packets.  When I am ready to use them, I take them out 1 hour or less before I am cooking them and put them in a bowl of cold water.  Leave them in the zippy bag.  They will defrost quickly.  I then cooked them on my George Foreman Grill.  I love this grill.  If you don’t have one, you MUST get one.  I grilled the chops in 6 minutes and steamed the vegetables I had in my produce drawer for 7 minutes and we had dinner. (I like to prep the vegetables ahead of time and package them in zippy bags or those special vegetable bags that are out there)Spritz the veges with butter spray and season with Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Magic Seasoning for Vegetables.  It’s a great seasoning made of dehydrated onions, spices and dehydrated garlic and no additives or MSG.  
The meat portion of the chop was 4 oz.  I seasoned the meat before grilling with Adobo Seasoning.  I have posted information on this in past recipes.  
So if you are in a hurry and want something really fresh tasting and delicious, keep chops in the freezer and an assortment of veges in your refrigerator for steaming.  Simple yes, but you can’t find it at your local fast food place.
I still have chicken breasts, a whole chicken, a pork tenderloin, tamales, more pork chops, red chile sauce, frozen bell peppers and other vegetables, chicken stock, pinto beans, and other assorted items to get thru.  You have to use up what you freeze or it won’t be tasting very good.  Remember If you don’t have a deep freeze type, your foods will probably not taste very well after 3 months.  
Pork Chop w/Steamed Veges
Wednesday, March 21, 2007