Breakfast Idea
I spent most of yesterday cooking while being filmed for a segment on a TV show to be aired sometime in October.  One of the dishes I made was Healthier Chicken Enchiladas.  I have the recipe from a past post (You can find it in the Archives).
Well I looked in my refrigerator this morning and found the enchilada ingredients from yesterday’s show and thought “why not use these ingredients for breakfast, add some eggs and just blog away talking about this wonderful, tasty meal.”
As you can see by some of the pictures, its really easy to do.  I have to admit the pictures aren’t great.  But we were hungry!!!!  I simply took the leftover enchilada sauce and put it in a skillet and warmed it up.  I dipped the tortilla (after it had been steamed, to make it pliable) in the sauce.  Remove to a plate, fill with the chicken/bean mixture, add a little fat free cheese and roll.  Top with additional sauce and a little more fat free cheese.  Stick in a microwave oven or better your oven (400 degrees) until warmed thru.  
You can either use a poached egg or a “fried” egg.  I use cooking spray in a non-stick skillet, and cook the egg.  I also used 1 whole egg and 1 egg white for each portion.  The additional egg white gives volume to the dish without the added calories.  Place the egg on top of the enchilada, add a little fruit salad and you  have a great breakfast.  These are great for the weekend, when you don’t have to be in a hurry and relax and enjoy great tastes.  Oh, don’t forget the coffee!!
Breakfast Idea
Saturday, June 24, 2006
Rolling the enchilada
Yum, eggs over enchiladas with a fruit salad.
Placing ingredients down the center of tortilla.
Dipping tortillas in enchilada sauce.
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