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Mercy Airlift established The Flying Hospital, Inc., to bring the largest fully equipped hospital ever constructed in an airplane to sites of disaster, bringing humanitarian aid and medical assistance to those in need and where it may be needed during times of strife and natural or man-made disasters.  Impoverished populations in developing countries who may have never seen a doctor may now have the opportunity to have medical assistance which was never available to them.

Hospital Facilities

The Flying Hospital is a wide body Lockheed L-1011 aircraft that has been completely refitted from a passenger aircraft to a complete Hospital.  It has all of the equipment and facilities on board to perform minor and major life-changing and life-saving procedures.  The Flying Hospital is completely self-contained.

Disaster Relief

Most humanitarian organizations providing medical assistance in developing countries focus on rural communities. The flying Hospital will focus on disaster relief, humanitarian aid and medical services to larger populated areas where medical services are at a minimum.  In the developing countries, there are approximately 25 cities with populations greater than 10 million people.  In the coming years those cities are estimated to grow to 18 million people, and the number of cities with those populations will increase to nearly 50.  The Flying Hospital medical teams will coordinate missions to meet the needs of these underserved populations. 

Miracle Relief

The fact that The Flying Hospital will bring new techniques, medicines and equipment to these areas of the world where very little medical services are available is a miracle in itself.  Medical missions from The Flying Hospital are designed to meet the needs of the populations being visited through coordination of the host country. 

Available to all Organizations

Mercy Airlift will make The Flying Hospital available to other like minded humanitarian and disaster relief organizations where they will be able to provide life-changing and life-saving trips to areas they continuously serve.  

Desperately Needs

We want you to be encouraged as to what Mercy Airlift is doing in bringing The Flying Hospital to those who so desperately need medical services.  We trust you see how it will be a blessing to those in need and how it fits in with the type of services Mercy Airlift has been providing for more than 35 years. 

Needed Help

To learn more about Mercy Airlift and The Flying Hospital, contact us
 800.637.2945  800.637.2945 .  Be part of this mission of mercy and help those who are in desperate need.

Flying Airplane Hospital


The mission of Mercy Airlift is to provide humanitarian aid on a nondiscriminatory and impartial basis to victims of natural and man-made disaster where they occur worldwide. The Flying Hospital has a mission to provide medical assistance and medical treatment as well as medical education to countries that need additional medical services and have not the ability to provide it for themselves. 

Mercy Airlift provides humanitarian assistance and aid as well as disaster services and relief to disaster victims, providing them with supplies, foods, emergency equipment, temporary housing and tents.  Mercy Airlift also provides medical assistance and volunteer assistance in recovery.  The Flying Hospital is a platform for medical assistance to those who have not the availability of local doctors or healthcare providers.

Mercy Airlift also provides Mercy Flights to those patients who need to be moved to locations, which have the ability to assist those patients in their time of need.

Mercy Airlift also provides and/or arranges for air ambulance service to those who are in remote areas of the world and have not the means to arrange for air transportation to facilities who can meet their needs in a timely way.

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