Weekend Update
Hi:  Well today I thought I would start sending out the ideas you have sent to me.  It is really a great list.  Please do not send me copyrighted recipes.  If they are your reworked ones great.  Also because of the length of the ideas I will be sending  them out "piece meal".  So bear with me on this.  If you have another great  idea, new idea, or?? email me and I will include it in the next posting on the  blog.  Thanks again and keep up the great work you are doing on getting to your  goals.  I love this anonymous quote "It had long since come to my attention that  people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them.  They  went out and happened to things."  So make it happen for  you.
Here are some of the ideas sent to me so far:
---------- I like to eat like a cow(!)  I guess, you know grazing all day on "stuff". One my favorites are those   cocktail slices of rye b read (3 slices=1 pt.) the thinly sliced turkey and  ham  in deli packs (2 of each =1 pt.); an ounce of  cheese=2 pts; and  carrots or  grape tomatoes: not thrilling but functional! also, a large banana=2 pts.  slathered in 1 Tbsp. peanut butter=2.5 pts or squares of tofu  (6 oz. =2  pts)with shredded ginger, shoyu and chopped  green onion thanks again.
---------- I'm on the core plan and for me I think it's the absolute best fit. I really  want good health as I get older and as I have irritable bowel I want to stay  away from processed food and sugar. My problem is or was what I ate not so much  how much I ate. It is very hard to feel stuffed on bowls of ice cream and  cookies.
----------  I use recipes sometimes but can easily cook from the top of my head. As I'm at  this again in the last few months I'm still staying in the box and not venturing  out too far. That means a few breakfasts that I love, Oatmeal, shredded wheat, WW Vanilla puffed rice all with delicious berries or a  piece of fruit and lots of Splenda.
---------- For lunch the answer for me is "soup". But it has to be homemade and it has to  be really really good. You can make many kinds  with the basics of an onion,  carrots, celery and chicken broth and canned tomatoes. My favorite right now is  to saute the first three ingredients then saute some cut up chicken thighs with  it, add a big can of chicken broth, (fat free, low sodium) and a can of  tomatoes, bring to a boil then simmer a little while and add frozen corn and a  can of black beans (rinsed) some cumin and Mexican spices to taste and "voila".  Another good one is the same first three ingredients, then add the broth and a  cup of barley, cook until the barley is done, around 45minutes then add chopped  ham which you can buy already chopped for soups and some more frozen corn. Don't  salt til after  the ham cooks a little while or it can get too salty. I also had  to add some water as the barley absorbed it then pepper it and "yum". The WW Italian soup is wonderful but I  always add maybe so me lean Italian turkey sausage and a whole wheat or whole grain pasta. You can  see I like comfort food.   Another good lunch is a roll up on a whole wheat tortilla. The only kind I like  is La Tortilla. Start with a really good mustard. French's Bold and Spicy Brown  Mustard is excellent. Lay out Black Forest deli ham, a slice of Swiss Flavor  Veggie Slices ( health food refrigerator) a sliced dill, peppercorns and some  chopped tomato. Also a couple of scrambled eggs with some chopped  Black Forest  Ham are really good. Warm the tortilla, put on the scrambled eggs and ham, then  spread on the salsa, roll up and eat.
------------  For dinner I make a lot of stir-fries. I usually marinate cut up chicken, flank  steak or pork tenderloin. I just put in a ziploc with Soy Vey Teriyaki and  marinate it over night. I like lots of flavor. Then use your favorite vegetable.  I saute the meat first and set aside. I always start with an onion, then add carrots, zuccini, mushrooms canned water chestnuts or  bamboo shoots. The best tasting brown rice is Lundberg Brown Basmati. (again on  the health food isle) For an Italian version I use the lean Italian sausage and  canned tomatoes and basil and oregano and also garlic sautéed with the onion.  Cooking like this means I always have left over whenever I don't feel like  cooking which is alot of the time.
-----------  My favorite recipe I believe came from you through my mother at Del Webb. It's  the butternut squash cooked till soft and then a sauteed onion, squash and  cumin, salt and pepper. It is just delicious on a whole wheat tortilla, better  than beans. Your oven fries recipe is a must for everyone.   Then for the cookie. I make an oatmeal cookie and use whole wheat flour. I still  use butter and brown sugar and chocolate chips. I give myself 2 points for one  cookie and I only eat one and do that very slowly. It's the sweet that I just  have to have. I'm going to try it with half Splenda and  half brown sugar. If that works I'm going to see what I can do about  the cup of butter. Hey, but I am getting the fiber.  
--------- Drinking 6-8 glasses of water was always a chore for me.  I now place a pitcher filled with ice cubes, water and  fresh lemon slices on  the counter-top which becomes a constant reminder for me to drink.    I also  place a tumbler with a straw in it next to the pitcher and just keep   sipping  and replenishing the water used;   I reach my goal easily. I have no idea why the straw appears to make easier; it just does!  
----------------- For a sweet breakfast snack I like to make cinnamon toast with Orowheat 100%  light whole wheat bread, splenda, "I can't believe its not butter" butter spray  and cinnamon. The bread = 1 pt for two pieces (which is very cool), splenda =0,  butter spray = 1 or less, and cinnamon, well, you get the idea. It is a quick  snack when I have a sweet tooth. I also like to make the Weight Watchers Vegie soup, but I add mushrooms and  chopped stewed tomatoes...gives it extra oomph! When I get very adventurous, I add  barley...makes it hearty.
--------- Sometimes during the winter, when it is cold and I get those in-between-meal hunger pangs, I will warm up some fat free chicken broth to  drink. It is satisfying...well...sort of. :)
Well, that is all that I can think of right now. I will send more if I get an epiphany.
----------------- OK OK now I see what you are looking for my favorite dessert is sugarfree  chocolate pudding with a tablespoon of free whip 1.5 points total   My husband's is 1/2 of the weight watchers chocolate muffin, heated in micro  with 1 scoop of fat free vanilla ice cream topped with 1 table of Hershey's  syrup. 3.5 points total   Muffin 1.5 Syrup 1 Ice cream 1 point.. the best "Dryer's fat free sugar free" 90 calories, 5 gms fiber for a 1/2 cup.
------------ Thanks for the reminder!  This is a favorite from my garden in the summer.  It  beats the pants off mashed potatoes.    Here it is:   Baked Squash & Cheese   THIS IS TOO DIE FOR.  EVERYONE THAT TASTES IT LOVES IT!  (even my kids)   2 lb. yellow crookneck squash (0 points) 2 tsp. salt (0 points) 1/2 c. fat free cream cheese (2 points) 2 tbsp. minced parsley  (0 points) 1/4 c. melted butter (12 points)   TOTAL RECIPE = 14 POINTS - Split your serving size as you wish.   Suzanne:  Thanks for doing this.  I can't wait to receive the finished product  and your point count from your original multi-recipe mail.     NOTE:  ORIGINAL RECIPE CALLED FOR REGULAR CREAM CHEESE (8 points) AND 1/2 CUP  BUTTER (24 points).  YOU CAN ADJUST TO FIT YOUR TASTE AND/OR POINT PREFERENCE. Select small, uniform squash.  Pare lightly and cut into halves lengthwise.   Arrange in deep skillet and almost cover with water.  Add the salt, Cover; bring  to a boil.  Cook over medium heat for 10 minutes.  Drain well.  Have the cream  cheese at room temperature and blend in the parsley.  Mash the squash with the  cream cheese and parsley.  Pour into a buttered baking dish; and pour the  remaining butter over the squash.  Bake in a 375-degree oven for 20 minutes or  until browned.  
This dressing can be adjusted to the tartness or sweetness of the lemons if you just play it lightly with amounts.  This is a large batch, but it keeps well in the refrigerator for 2 weeks.  It's wonderful on green salads, mixed vegetables salads,  and potato salad too.
2/3 cup fresh lemon juice 3/4 cup canola oil 3 tablespoons low fat buttermilk or plain yogurt 3 tablespoons mayonnaise 2 teaspoons dried dill weed 1- 1/2 teaspoons salt 1-1/2 teaspoons coarse ground pepper 1-1/2 teaspoons suga3 large cloves garlic, pressed
In a bowl, combine lemon juice, oil, buttermilk, mayonnaise,  dill weed, salt, pepper, sugar, and garlic.  Whisk until well blended, then taste to adjust any seasoning. Keep in a covered container in the refrigerator.  Makes slightly less than 2 cups.
---------- My biggest thing right now is making rice.  Not only healthy but interesting and easy.  Since white rice is not especially ideal for any diet, I  mix 2 or 3 different kinds together in my steamer before it's cooked.  I cook in  bulk ahead of time and prepare it for the week.  I eat this rice 3-4 times a  week now that I'm on WW, and love it.   1 cup black rice (Ikeda's in Auburn) 1 cup wild long grain rice 1 cup brown rice   mix it all together and steam   I separate cooked rice in 3 batches.    *saute scallions in 1-2 tsp olive oil just slightly, add mushrooms once done  mix into 1 portion of the rice, add Italian seasoning, parmesan (if  desired)   *saute garlic in 1/2 tsp olive oil, add stewed Italian tomatoes. once warmed, mix into 1 portion of the rice, salt.   * add fresh chopped tomatoes, cilantro and salt ----- Hi there, I emailed back and mentioned Cooking Light and how helpful it is. I like it  because it has at the end of each recipe all of the nutritional info to chart  the points and the recipes are very good! I also like the Soy Crisp by Genusoy or something like that - it helps when you want something a little like potato  chips.
-------- My favorite is the sub way 6 grams of fat or less its a inexpensive dinner or  lunch and low in points I get a ham on wheat no mayo or cheese and a bag of the  light lays chips. Ad it is 6.5 points for all of it.  
--------- The only thing I have done special is for breakfast on Sunday I bought veggie  sausage patties 2 patties 1 point I brown it in a pan and add onions and  zucchini then put 1/2 cup of fake eggs in it and make a delicious omelet , I use  the 2 slices for 1 pt bread and eat it.  So it is a total of 4 pts and I feel  like I have had a big breakfast.
------  Frozen grapes in snack size ziplock bags.  Great for a sweet tooth attack.
------- Greenbeans and kidney beans with a little bit of Italian dressing or vinagarette
-------- Fast & easy & low-point grilled cheese sandwich:  take 2 slices of (diet) bread  and toast them.  Then put (low-fat) cheese between the 2 slices of toasted bread  and microwave it -- only for about 10 to 15 seconds.  Enough time to barely melt the cheese, but not too  long or it will almost evaporate.  For only 2 points (1 for 2 slices of diet  bread and 1 for a slice of low-fat cheese) and no frying pan to clean, you get a  quick grilled cheese sandwich.  
-------- One of my new favorite products (it's not new, it's just new to me) is Kashi  bars.  I get them at Sam's Club in a box with 3 varieties.  The bars are only 2  points each.  I take one to work with me almost every day and have it for a  snack or even for breakfast some mornings.   Thanks so much for putting this together and for our awesome WW meetings!!  
------- One of my favorite foods is the Barilla Plus Angel Hair pasta, in the yellow  box.  It's only 3 points for the pasta.  I usually get the Trader Joe's  vegetarian spaghetti sauce to go with it.
-------- 1 box of Western Family yellow cake mix-from Rainbow market Add one can of diet 7-up mix together -makes 24 small cupcakes   1 point each  for chocolate cake add diet cherry coke. --------- Creamy Black Bean Dip
Drain and rinse a 15oz can black beans. Mash the beans with a fork, blend in 1/2  cup nonfat plain yogurt, chopped green chilies, chili powder, ground cumin, salt  and pepper. Taste and adjust seasoning
---------- Creamy Black Bean Dip
Drain and rinse a 15 oz can black beans. Mash the beans with a fork, blend in 1/2  cup nonfat plain yogurt, chopped green chilies, chili powder, ground cumin, salt  and pepper. Taste and adjust seasoning.  Enjoy!  
---------  I have one I like to do with apples.  I love apples so I eat a lot of them.
I prefer Fuji for this, but any kind will do.
Core and thin slice one apple ( like the peel, but it can be removed) put 1 tbsp Splenda (or the blended Splenda) in a small bowl with a tight lid.   add 1 tbsp cinnamon to sugar and mix well. add apple slices, cover bowl and shake to coat slices. put in a small bowl and enjoy.
You can also take the coated apple slices and cook them in the microwave for  about 4 - 5 minutes.  They get soft but not too mushy.  Hot apples with sugar  and cinnamon!  Yum!!
If you use Splenda instead of sugar, depending on the size of the apple, it  would count as 1 fruit or 2 points.
Quick Snack: Chicken Lettuce Wraps: 2 pts each wrap You can buy these at Safeway in the frozen food section.  The are Safeway brand.   They taste fantastic and are a filling, quick snack.  I think they are just as  good as the ones at PF Changs and much cheaper.  :)  
----------- Snacks that I love!
Wheatable Crackers Fat Free Cream Cheese Medium Salsa Baby Carrots & Celery Dried Bing Cherries Fresh Romain Lettuce and Spinach Leaves
When I get the munchies, I'll set up a plate with the lettuce and spinach  sprinkled with the cherries.  I'll grab a few baby carrots as well.  Then I'll  place a couple spoonfuls of cream cheese in a bowl, pour the salsa over the top  and use the crackers like taco chips.  19 Wheatable Crackers are only 2 points.
If I'm out and about and can't get home for dinner, I will stop at McDonalds and  order the Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken.  I lift out as much of the parmesan  cheese as possible and go without any dressing for a 5 point meal (the Chicken  is huge!).  Wendy's Mandarin Salad can be done the same way with the added  benefit of the fruit!  If I just have to have dressing, I put about a teaspoon  on the plate and dip the salad into the dressing.  I never have to get more  dressing as it seems to last forever when you dip!
------------- Thank you Suzanne for the recipes.  My favorite secret is the protein drink   from Trader Joe's.  It has 35 grams of protein, is low in fat, sugar, and   calories.  It costs only 3 points, and is drinkable.  It works for my  quickie,  yet healthy, breakfast.  Have a great week.
--------- I made up a similar coleslaw salad just by chance. Like the one you shared.   I did not have any pineapple so decided to use a fresh orange.
I buy the already shredded cabbage and measure out two cups since there is just  my husband and I. I sliced one small orange (which happened to be "home grown"  so much better than store bought) and tossed it with the cabbage.  To this I  added about 2 tablespoons of non-fat orange flavored yogurt and one package of equal.  (we like our coleslaw a little on the sweet side).  Also sprinkled a tsp  of celery seed for added flavor.  I have sometimes added about 1/2 cup of dried  raisins or cranberries and it is very filling and a little different than the  usual  pineapple  recipe.
----------- Another time saving idea that I have discovered is Schwan's Home Delivery. It  is a little pricey.  But many of the items you can purchase from them (meat in  particular) are small portions that have been individually packaged.  Many in 3  and 4 oz. portions.  Ready to prepare as you wish. Very convenient.  Great fish,  chicken and top grades of steak.  They also have single serving Healthy Creations of Fat Free no sugar added ice creams---they are sweetened with Splenda.. most choices are 1 to 2 points and since they  are pre-measured very easy to stay within your alloted amount and very  satisfying.
I'm sure you probaby knew about this, but thought I'd share it anyway.
That’s it for today.
I’ll post more of your email ideas next weekend.
Weekend Update
Sunday, March 19, 2006