Many of you have asked me about the pasta sauce I make using bacon.  Here is the recipe.  It’s easy and takes just a few minutes longer than opening up a jar of pasta sauce but really fresh tasting.
For 2 servings and some sauce left over
2 slices of bacon (turkey doesn’t taste as good) or Canadian Bacon
1 medium onion, sliced
3 to 4 cloves of garlic
fresh basil and oregano
1 28 oz can of tomatoes (preferably Glen Muir or other top quality brands)
1 can of white beans, rinsed and drained
whole wheat pasta (4 ounces dry for 2 people)
Slice the bacon and onion.  Add to a saute pan and saute until bacon and onion is cooked, approximately 5 minutes.  Add the garlic, saute for just 30 second or until you can smell it.  Add the tomatoes.  Season with salt (if using).  Do not add the fresh herbs until just before serving.  Cook for approximately 10 minutes for all the ingredients to “marry”.  When ready to eat, add the fresh herbs.  
Rinse the beans if using.  When the pasta is cooked, serve with the sauce, beans, and fresh herbs.  I also like to add just a few shavings of a good parmesan cheese (not the one in the green can, PLEASE).  If you keep the canned tomatoes, beans and pasta in your pantry (I keep bacon slices in my freezer, divided into 2 slices each) for this use, you will always have pasta sauce available.  I grow my basil and oregano.  If you use dried herbs, then add it when you start to cook the sauce (last 10 minutes).
Tuesday, July 18, 2006
If you have one of these handy gadgets (blender) it works great.  If not, use a potato masher to make it less chunky.  
Always add fresh herbs just before serving.  You will keep the fresh taste of the herbs.
I used these brands for my pasta dinner.  There are many beans and tomatoes available.  
I used this brand for pasta.  Just be sure and use a good brand. The amount of $$ you pay is usually what type of pasta you get.
Mise en Place.  Get all your ingredients together.
Onions and bacon cooking. Smelling good!!!!
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