Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
I was looking for something to make for dinner using the vegetables I had on hand.  I also wanted to have salmon.  So I decided to make a roasted red pepper sauce and serve with steamed vegetables.  This turned out great.  You could use the sauce on any type of meat or vegetables.  It would be great to use in place of mayo in a sandwich.  It’s really easy to make.  You will need the following ingredients for the sauce:

2 teaspoons olive oil
1 tablespoon water
3 red bell peppers
1 medium large white onion
2 cloves garlic
8 tablespoons white wine (I used a chardonney)
squeeze of fresh lemon juice  

Roast the bell peppers (see pictures) and let steam in a towel or plastic bag for about 15 minutes or so.  The skins will come right off.  Take out all the seeds and veins. 
Chop the peppers in a medium dice.  Chop the onions in a medium dice and also the garlic.  Saute the onions in 2 teaspoons of olive oil for about 3 minutes, then add the chopped red bell peppers and garlic. If the mixture seems too dry and is burning, add water.  Saute another 5 minutes.  

Put in a food processor (you can use a blender if you don’t have a processor) and process until you have a smooth puree.  Add the wine and lemon juice.  Season with salt and pepper.  Set aside.  

NEXT  Prepare the vegetables for steaming.
In the bottom of a steamer pot, add water, 2 bay leaves, a fresh spring of rosemary and thyme. Set the steamer basket over the water and steam your veges.  Arrange the vegetables by placing the harder root vegetables like cauliflower, parsnips etc. at the bottom and steam for 3 minutes then add the other ones.  Usually I use snow peas, carrots, broccoli and asparagus.  Steam another 2 or 3 minutes until just al dente.         

Serve as pictured.  The sauce is also great over fresh pasta and lightly steamed zucchini slices. 

Pan Sauteed Salmon
You will need 1 salmon piece for each person.  I rinse and dry the salmon first.  Then rub the fish rub of your choice.  The one I use is Rub with Love by Tom Douglas, Seattle, Wa.  He is a Seattle Chef and has written 2 or 3 cookbooks on the subject of cooking fish.  If you want to know about this, look for his cook books.  They are really good.  There are also a few other fish rubs out there.  This rub I have has brown sugar, kosher salt, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, ancho chili, tumeric, lemon peel, ginger, mjustard, black pepper, rosemary, chipotle, cloves, chives, garlic, cayenne.  I only can find it in Los Angeles at a fish store in Santa Monica.  I will be going down mid June to visit friends and look for more great rubs.  

Back to the salmon.  While I am rubbing the salmon, I preheat a stainless steel skillet and when it is hot, I add the oil.  I then lay the salmon on the skillet and let it sear for 2 minutes (depends how thick your fillet is) if it is 1” thick, then I would sear for 3 minutes.  DO NOT MOVE IT FOR 2 MINUTES OR 3 MINUTES IF IT IS THICK.  Set a timer to keep track of the time. Total time is 5 minutes.  Unless you have thin fillets, then 1 minute per side is probably perfect.  

 When the timer “dings” you can flip the fish.  Then sear another 2 minutes.  Remove to a dish, lay a loose foil cover over the fish.  


Spoon the red pepper puree on part of your plate (see picture), lay the salmon on top.   

Fan out the vegetables as shown and serve the red pepper sauce in a seperate dish, so that, you can “dunk” your veges in the sauce.  

I love that I can eat this hot, at room temperature or cold.  Either way, it’s great tasting and easy to prepare.  Just think of all the Omega 3’s your getting, not to mention your vegetable servings.
Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
Thursday, May 25, 2006
This is the rub I use. YUM!!
Onions and peppers
Pureed pepper sauce
Prepped veges for dipping
              Salmon searing
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