Tamale Muffin
If you have always wanted to learn how to make tamales then you have to sign up for my Tamale Workshop.  The next open class is October 22 at the Odd Fellows Hall near the Arden Mall in Sacramento.  If you are interested be sure to either call The Learning Exchange of go on line to learningexchange.com.  You can find my class information under “Tamale Workshop”.  
You will not only learn how to make tamales, but you will also go home with tamales.  You can freeze them or steam them right away.  Hope to see you then.
What is a Tamale Muffin anyway?  Well, I love a good Mexican Picadillo and of course tamales, so why not combine them.  I made the Mexican Picadillo and created two recipes for its use.  The first was a Picadillo Salad and The Tamale Muffin is the other one.  I love these combinations.  I layered the Picadillo mixture, pinto beans, brown rice and patted out a “Masa” top and baked it. I prefer a really spicy top, so I am going to rework the spices and make it again.  I am currently working on developing the recipes so that you can easily follow them.  More to come.
Another way to eat the tamales is for breakfast.  Below is what we had this morning.  I steamed a Vegetarian Tamale (made with butternut squash, yellow, red, green bell peppers, onions, garlic, chopped green chiles, Mexican Queso) and served it with Red Sauce and an egg .  
I will also be showing you how to make the vegetarian tamales and the dishes discussed today,  along with chicken and Yummy Dessert Tamales!!  So, try something different, take a cooking class. Expand yourselves!!!!!
Tamale Muffin
Friday, October 6, 2006
This was an over easy egg, but many times I also poach the egg.  Spread some Red chile sauce then the egg.  TIP:  if you are going to reheat a tamale, be sure you steam it for approximately 15 minutes.  Please do not microwave it.  This toughens the tamale.
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