Side Dishes
Hi there.  Well for today I thought I would list just a few side dishes.  After all, it’s the side dishes that make our meals memorable!  Remember Thanksgiving?  I love the side dishes more than the turkey.  Back to the subject.  Below are just a few that I thought you would love.  Some you can freeze for your “cooking ahead” calendar and some are for now.  I have hundreds but thought I would start with just a few.  So, go ahead and give them a try.  You may think that some of them have too many points!! But served with just a small portion of meat, chicken or fish they complete the meal and contribute to your total satisfaction of the meal.  I don’t have pictures for all the dishes.  But I had to show you the potatoes and green beans because they are part of my dinner menu!!!  In fact I have many delicious green bean recipes that I will share later.
Side Dishes
Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Crunchy potatoes.
Slice in 1/4” planks
Ready for the oven
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