Salad Days
Now that it’s getting warmer (actually hot) we need to change what we eat.  We no longer want heavy soups and stews.  A great main entree salad fits the bill.  
Last night I decided to make this salad for dinner.  I had a packet of salmon (you can use canned salmon, canned chicken, tuna), a can of white beans, broccoli, romaine, English cucumbers, tomatoes, arugula and white onions.  
I steamed the broccoli just until tender and immediately plunged it in ice water to cool and to stop the cooking.  You don’t want hot broccoli on your salad.  I mixed all the vegetables mentioned, drained and rinsed the white beans and added just a few dried bing cherries  and mixed well with my favorite oil and vinegar dressing.  I also use the one to one formula for the salad dressing.  One part oil one part acid (vinegar, etc).  
You can use any type of canned beans and any vegetables you love.  Carrots, cauliflower,  bell peppers, jicama, corn on the cob or? You can add leftover bulgur or brown rice.  The list is endless.  You are full and satisfied.  If you want bread, I take one slice of my favorite whole grain bread and toast it.  When it’s nice and toasty I take a clove of garlic, cut it in half and “smear” it all over the toast.  I then spray with I Can’t Believe Its Butter” spray.  Just like garlic bread!!  Or you can cut the toast in small cubes and use like croutons.  
Quit buying those fast food salads and make your own.  I have already posted a salad dressing article.  Be kind to your body and eat well.  Questions?  Let me know. I will be posting many more salad recipes.  Mainly because I absolutely love them. What is your favorite Salad???
I will post the ceviche recipe tomorrow.
I have received many concerns that you are having difficulty printing the recipes.  I have found that if you save the page as a pdf file you can print them easily.  I hope this helps.
Salad Days
Tuesday, May 16, 2006