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Way of life - Way to Paradise - written by Hans von Strassburg 
[ Read this and you will be rewarded with "Love" ]

The Beatles have a song: "All you need is Love"
(play song). Good words but bad meaning. Most people say "love" and mean "Sex", this is "love" of mind, not "Love" of the heart. When sex is done, Love is gone. "Real Love" comes from the Holy Father in heaven and comes and goes to the heart. Love does and can do everything. There is no words good enough to explain "Love". "Love" is only for humans. "Love" should not be miss-used as in love for animals. You should say "take care" of animals or anything else with love, but not I "love animals.

**** With "Love" you get "Love"**** 
Now let's talk about "Love"- The main questions are: 
1. Where can you get "Love" ? 
2. and what can you do with "Love" ? 
No religion in the world is given us answers. Guiding people to the right way should be their job. Also some politics, politicians, creating bad people, because they can't make money from good people. 
There are 3 ways to get "Love": 
1. Love from the mothers and from the father's organization. Being organized solves half of life's problems. The rest with the mother's love. This way you're starting a good life with hardly any problems. You can help other people in need, because you're organized with hardly any problems of your own. Raising good kids should be the most important thing for everyone. Never stop loving your mother. 
2. The second way, is by doing good things to/for people, you get rewarded with "Love". The more "Love" you collect the easier things get. 
3. The most effective way is when your heart meets an angel, like I did. Any woman can be one and men should treat them as such. This is way women are right after love and then the children, and way down is the man, because he didn't do his duty. I'm not proud of him. He didn't fulfill his obligatory job of organization. Because of man's failure we are up to our ears in mud. And with every new born it gets worse. Man is proud of his mother. He has problems taking care of his wife & daughter(s). 
Now let's talk about what you can do with "Love". 
First separate "Love" from sex as far as possible. Sex is just like work but we do it with love like everything we do with "Love". And everything we get we take with "Love". Like all the bad things or pain you will receive help and protection experiencing that. By doing everything with "Love" you can't commit sins anymore. It's not possible. Nobody has to suffer for you anymore, because for every sin someone commits somebody has to suffer for it. With "Love" you turn bad things into good things. You get rewarded with good human qualities like forgiveness, patience, giving, flexibility, and respect. By doing all these good things you clean the soul and then the body gets cleaned and can fight any sickness. You feel like you can walk on water with a smile to the separation of the body and soul. Because of the clean body and soul you don't feel naked anymore like it was paradise a long time ago. 
No more fear or anxiety of anything or anyone. Death has no more meaning. You are ready anytime for paradise. You should celebrate the rising of the soul, not crying for the body gets buried. 
Love your next move than yourself, then you have so much to give. Love your enemy. The more somebody hates you the more you love him. We have to make it very clear to the people, that if you do something good it goes to the soul and you live forever. When you do something bad it goes to the body and you will die like the body. Everything you do to other people your actually doing to yourself. Both good and bad goes to your account. There is no more crime solving. Then we don't need any army, police or prisons. People worry to much about the body. Nobody can take away the intangibles you've earned for your soul. 
And we have only one judge Jesus. 
There are five categories of people: 
1. Bad people who don't suffer going backwards. 
2. Bad people who suffer are already getting way ahead. 
3. Good people who don't suffer are not much ahead of the account category. 
4. Good people who suffer for other people's sins are already with one foot in paradise. 
5. And then there are people who give their life for others. They are holy. 
Wake-UP Call 
Wake-UP Leaders and people before it is too late. Don't wait for help. Start doing then help is Coming. 
There's only one catch. Once committed to "Love" and doing everything with "Love" and follow the principal of "Love" you can't go back or you get punished, because you know better. 
Stop hurting people. Pain and suffering has to go less and less. 
You can tell everyone I love you because there is something higher for special people (i.e. your wife) as you'd say I love you with "Love"/ 
If you are happy with this words tell others about it. 
Paradise is possible AGAIN ! 
Food getting less and more expensive. Eat with "Love" and you only need half. When you are happy water and bread tastes so good und everything goes easy . . . 
We all the people in the world should act like one nice big family. 
Self-discipline and self-control makes you very strong and you can get rid of your bad habits. 
Everything you do to other people you are actually do to your self., both good and bad goes on your account. 
As a kid you behave to your parents, but adults think they don't have to behave anymore, but they should behave to The Holy Father in heaven to make him happy, because it's always His Way things go not our way. This makes life very easy, because you know it is His Way that makes life so easy for us. 
When people want something they are very nice, but they have a problem giving. The problem start when they have to give. When you give, you will receive and so you become a big chain of giving and receiving. 
Making people happy is the most wonderful thing in the world, because the reward of "Love" from The Hole Father in heaven is endless. 
Good leaders have so much to give. Our leader just take, take and take. They're here for themselves and leaving the people in the dark. 
People get upset when someone hurt their body, but they don't get upset when they hurt their own soul. 
Nobody owns anybody. Everybody is one of their own. 
There is no luck. There is only help from heaven. 
When man would bring the babies into the world there would be no war. 
People's problem are created by their own brain. They should listen more to the heart.
You ask for problems you get it. 
You never love something. You always love somebody. Love is for humans only. 
"Love" is everything.



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