What and Why is the Oktoberfest in Munich every year?!

Here in Alpine Village every September to October:
Friday and Saturday Night - 21 years and over only. 
Sunday is Family Day and Children are welcome.



Alpine Village Oktoberfest

Alpine Village in Torrance, CA.

The History of Oktoberfest

The famed Oktoberfest began with a royal Bavarian wedding in 1810. The groom, king Ludwig I, wanted to celebrate his marriage to Maria Teresa of Saxonia by proclaiming a state fair, in Munich.

The festival was dedicated to the fall harvest and to the Regions most famous product, beer. Tradesman and merchants came throughout Germany to join in the merry-making. They examine the Crops, sang songs, danced and sampled the first beer of the season. The celebration was such a success that Ludwig issued a royal Decree making Oktober festival time in Munich.

Oktoberfest has been held annually ever since and has found its Way to Torrance, California at the Alpine Village. We have been Celebrating the Oktoberfest for 40 years. The festival is Celebrated in the beer garden which accommodates up to 3,000 people and includes a Bavarian Brass-Oom Pa Pa band from Germany, German dancers, contests, beer brewed at the Alpine Village and Authentic German food.


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Alpine Village in Torrance, CA.