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Welcome to our last Oktoberfest 2008

HERE was the video from the Oktoberfest 2008!


The recording was from our customers and NOT in any kind related with the business at Alpine Village.
Some people complained, after watching the full video, there is a choice for smart, adult people,
to click and choose the next video on a little thumbnail picture.
I apologize  - I, John, found out today there is a possibility
to get to a total normal internet web-site, one of millions.
Or some web-sites from Germany with dancing girls having fun,
at the Munich original Oktoberfest.
[ see also the ]

The following link is only for adults and please DO NOT CLICK,
if you a Believer or a Light-OUT girl or against funny videos of any kind.

If you decide on your own will to watch this very dangerous video,

PLEASE DO NOT CLICK any other following link choices.
YOU ARE WARNED and you'll be burning in hell . . .

The author, John Kraus

Totally Funny video ONLY for adults and Oktoberfest visitors!

Comment: This is a happy place with NO complains allowed,
please do delete right now the link to MY web-page,
and look the door from inside and drown the key out the window . . .



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