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Historic Land Mark Alpine Village


NOW some info for the new owner:
John says: " This in 'only' my opinion."
I'm the mayor of the 'old' Alpine Village, for 30 years.
I was also interested to buy and run the original Alpine Village,
with Spring-festival, Summer-beer-fest and Octoberfest yearly.
BUT the city said: " I have to dig all the waste and dump under the parking lot, before I do anything!" And this is up-to 20 foot down. Hans Rotter and I organized 2005 to drill 50+ holes!
Until today: when you drill a 6' hole in the parking lot anywhere: and light it up, the gas underground makes a flame.
And this over 50 years! There are some steady blowholes, you can hear in the night and smell the gas. Like methane - it stinks.
YOU maybe wondering: WHY YOU can NOT park heavy cars there?! [ or 20 tons containers or 40 tons loaded trucks ]
It is NOT allowed for one reason: The trucks or any heavy stuff will sick in the ground. The parking lot was filled many times and just see it how straight/plan it is today, like a rollercoaster.
Then there is the border to the north/west side to the river.
The previous owner build a wall with over 20+ empty see-containers to the city-water-drainer (river).
The city gave him an ultimatum to remove "AS-SOON-AS-POSSIBLE". Their say the wall foundation is to weak and will fell in the hole and block the rainwater to flow.
YOU will ask me: WHY "I" can do it !
My idea was simple: take all the dirt out down to the ground, maybe 20-30 foot. AND BUILD A PARK-HOUSE WITH 500+ 'NEW' PARKING. NEW FOUNDATION AROUND THE RIVER-WALL. New enter and exit to the streets around.
The total cost was estimated ~$5 million. Including Park-house.
Remodel the old restaurant and build some "modern" internal.
Make an new biergarten next to the Alpine-Inn, the new paved parking area. Total of 3000+ people fits the October-fest daily!
BUT: now is it no more necessary to spend no more minutes of your time - THE WONDERFUL lawyer destroyed it all . . .

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