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http://TESLA.phone.modelPi.PRO  announced July 15th, 2020

ELON MUSK full featured 3-4-5-6 G cell-phone π

My wish list + yours:
Satellite access (Starlink) a must ! | $20/month
the phone find always the next TESLA CAR !
Phone cost $500 - with monthly payments of $20
NO rooming fee's or any other cost [NO TAX]
PHONE is made in North-Korea from KIDS (harhar)
PAYMENT system only w/PayPal and BITCOINS!
Solar cells for charging (back-site full size) also Panels
Charging + DATA cable with old + new plug
easy USB charging cable for friend to friend
wireless charging 65W - pick-up phone in wet shower
round corners - very thin - 180' viewing angel
2k fine + best 4k choice  |  only one size 6.5"
Display for car speed in window - clock - network
Alarm-clock - burglar alarm (20 feet away!)
Remember taking pills; meeting; places (beepbeep)
Shake the Phone it calls the ALARM contact !
Compass with lights - LED-blink-lights for emergency
Camera 108MB, wide-angle, tele-lens 10x min, close 1"
Selfie 20MB wide-angle, night-shots, thermo working!
FIND / TRACE / LOST secure, calling [hello] MY phone!
Walky-Talky features with the car and/or friends
TESLA control > CAR, House, garage etc. BIZ doors
fingerprint under-glass - easy un-look > 1234 PW
FINGERPRINT can use for door-looks - open-car etc.
+ Payments in liquor-stores - movie - gas station etc.
THERE are NOT any information about YOU on this fone!
IMPORTANT: NO credit card, birthday, real address, family
NOT any SECURITY PROGRAM or APP on this amazing ...
EVERY month > your phone will be totally reset to "0"
All your data are saved at the TESLA "BANK" in TEXAS!
All your input will be only in the cloud "SAVE" and secure
YOU CAN > BACK-UP daily with a memory card - clean!
Special glass - 100% break-proof - water-tide (speakers)
PROJECTOR, LASER, distance reader, see trough walls,
LIDAR!, Light-internet, Temperature reader, Humidity,
Barometer, Alternation, Speed reader, satellite show,
stock-viewer, bitcoin, bank, 3 phone #, emergency button,  
3.5 headset - min 2 stereo speakers - bass vibration! HD
> SPEAKER for table meetings, conference, home, party
Scratch proof - NO metal in the back [easy replacements]
Back cover solar-covered plastic cover (removable/slide)
Extra battery attachment (snap-on 1/2/5/10AMP)
2x2.500mAmp batteries - Flashlight 3x - 1x ultraviolet light
hook for holder handle [finger ring flip-out]
BEST antenna 4x min - plug-in antenna 3 feet (+1 foot)
CAR satellite receiver for HOTSPOT - wireless FREE
CPU 4n/6n - fast video card - HD-video / gaming+++
Memory onboard 16+ 512KB - extra card 1-2GIG
Benchmark min 1 million Antutu - WiFi speed >300MBs
TRAY for 3 SIM cards or 2 SIM and 1 memory-card
also a network PHONE with Magic-Jack [for emergency]
Bluetooth 4-5-6+ auto! - red/green LASER diode 1W
WiFi all bands - ! auto-connect ! 3-4-5-6 G auto search
ALSO SIM-CARD from any provider ATT / Verizon
Special software for connect anywhere without password!
HIGH pitch sound for alarm - beep beep beep [SOS]
SEE map with other users - call for help with ONE click!
Remote control infrared support + TV remote control
Barcode-scanner + QR scanner open automatic WEB
Banking with Google system forward to MY bank [hidden]
Borders has a grip like rubber - light-up in all color
CASE attachment for money, Credit card, Battery!
Reminder in the last 10min for battery recharge beep!
Flashlight in case - knife - needle - screwdriver etc.
Electro shock for thief's - pull out of pocket . . .
Snap-hand-holder - screw for Stand holder + ring
VOTE with YOUR PHONE at any SCHOOL/place
Medical info w/one button - home address - friend
Alcohol tester - smoke-alarm - Co2 alarm anywhere
pointer TEMPERATURE corvid, china-virus testing
Magnifier - counter birthday days leftover - DATING
TWITTER - META - TRUTH-social - etc. - Chat-room
Google - Yahoo - AOL - ASK - Mr.INTERNET - SEO
Shopping card with coupons turn on/off Amazon etc.
THERE will be around 50 different shopping biz access
GAME software - only save and secure - NO China!
PHONE has nothing to do with CRT - all color, race etc.
Access to education in less than 1 min - InternetSchool !
Police [not oBiden scam] has access to location and help !
TAX is NONE - ZIPPO! Phone is not made in USA !
Sold and order only online from the Cloud - you lease !
EACH NEW FONE has a phone number programmed !
NO roaming fee's or long distance, NO TIME limited !
ALL DATA are unlimited w/ NO restrictions - NO LIVE!
FREE speech and free talk - black or white, blue or red !
Be good and listen to your mother or maybe family . . .
IMPORTANT: nothing is FREE, we do NOT donate any !
Our cost will be around $400 + distributions + $50 for me!

SO FINALLY: 1st you order online 1 Phone + attachments
2nd you will pay via PayPal in U$ flat $500 4 the phone!
[ cost for one full year unlimited usage around the world ]
   to keep you live the cost online is US$ 20/mo. [includes 3 @]
YOU CAN prepay for 1 year in advance - NO headache $200!
3rd order + pay the extra attachments, Battery, Ear-plug $50,
Speaker, CASE $10, extra antennas, Memory card 1GIG $50!
Also you can choose your own providers, as 2nd connections
[only needed if you be out of satellite/NET - without WiFi]
We ship it in a ~week to you around the world . . .
[ at delivery: YOUR NEW phone is already working ! ]
If you like your old number, you sign up with any provider.
YOU have to know: YOU will get a working Satellite Phone.

YES: YOU CAN PAY WITH 'BITCOIN' [minimum U$1000]
( with your valid Merkel Root # to www.BlockChain.com )

more to come . . .

what YOU have in your phone, what is not in the list!?

plz feel free to add on more features you
like to have on your TESLA phone!

best to reach: JOHN@BlTCOIN.us [i=L]
BITCOIN:  www.JohnsCoin.com