Our SERVER NAME is + /boat
and is hosted with John Kraus at 310-Mr.INTERNET
since 1994

All transaction are very secure [256bit!]

Please sign-up for our special VIP [HERE]
and fast order page [less than 1 min]
Here you can be absolutely sure
nobody get your Credit Card Info !

HOW it works:
YOU CAN CALL IN - in the first place
and give us over the phone your CC INFO.
Second: YOU sign-up ONE TIME
on the web-site with only
your First Name + 310-123-1234 (phone #)
over 400 items for Lunch, Dinner or for your Party
YES you can also order DRINKS for take-out

( our card is so smart - it remember the last order
just add or remove your new order - live up-date )

Feel Free to call for any questions you may have
310-524-9040, ask for Patrick at

Business Hours and location are HERE

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