www.SWAPMEET.tech TM
www.2-0-0-0.com/old-world/swapmeet  on  www.INTERNET.run
at www.OId.world Huntington Beach
 "remember" TRW ?

planned every 2nd SAT
or MON/mo. (calendar)
http://swapmeet.OId.world starts soon

Find what you dream about > all 'GADGETS'

Amateur Radio - Antennas - Mic's - Head-Set
Cell Phones - Robotics - AI - Computer - TV
Monitors - Modems - Cables - Keyboards - Pen
Mouse - SSH - Hard-drives - Cases - Video
Tablets - Phablets - Cable - Chargers - CAM's
BITCOIN miners > $50-up Coins - Teach-HOW
SIM cards $10/mo ! (ATT) -  Memory-cards
Security - Spy-Cams - VIRUS help - FIXING
Amplifier - Speaker - CD - DVD - Memory
DJ-equipment, music stuff + lighting, power
Lighting - Tables - Desks - Chairs - Back-up
Internet - School - HTML - Books - WWW
Design - software - scripts - hosting - cloud

Projectors - Screens - Wall-mounts - LASERS
Spots - NEON - Light-String - LEDs - Signs
Batteries (only recharge) - Solar-Panel - FUN
Toys - Helicopter - Drones - Race-Club -
T-Shirt - Shoes - Pens - HATS - Balloons

In our swap-meet are "all" people welcome:
Red, green, blue, black, white, yellow + brown
Short, Tall, fat, skinny - Kids must be 10/yo
Must be healthy (no cuffing) - NO MASK
(security can ask for temperature check - block you)
We do NOT care your religion or your politics view,
poor or rich - have a airplane or bike - BUT NO protester!
NO signs {BLM} or banner - NO megaphones - nice cloth!

We take: CASH, all Credit Cards, PayPal [see below]
We ship + delivery all over California ! AS IS . . .
We Gift-wrap, only factories warranties, no returns!

All BIG companies will be welcome,
All cell-phone provider are welcome,
All cable-com offer the lowest price !

PARKING is FREE (Park-house 3 min)
Enter-fee for all equal $1 (one dollar)
FREE ENTER with your email-phone # !
for wining games and prizes - free tickets

Some Rules apply: prepaid spaces fee:
Trucks (max 12'), Vans, Cars $10, 1 space $10/day;
for returning 'same' space $40/mo. | visitor $1,
visitor CAN pay with his/her email+phone #.
Only "ON" tables sale + Tens 10'x8', 8'x8'
only working products - NO junk-yard sales;
cleaning after finish, small trucks o.k. (F150)
For vendors: open SAT 9am - public enter:
11am to closing time 4pm - cleaning finish 5pm
NO BUBBLE-GUM - NO SMOKING and only water!
NO explosives - NO GUNS - NO GAS-TANK - etc.

Super Live Music, Eating table available, NEXT DOOR!
Coupons from "Old.world BIERGARTEN" party
every Sunday KIDS-DAY + Entertainment + Events

SPECIAL Grilled food next door at Old.world:
Schnitzel + Fries + Soups + Sandwiches
Best fresh Bread + Brezel + Pancakes + Fruits
take-out 'HOT' buffet at the Supermarket

for info ask John 310-Mr.INTERNET.run
best reach John@1st.expert  <24hr.

www.SWAPMEET.tech TM

Organizations & Management:
John Kraus, Pamela Bion, Joe Lai, Maury McClaire, Michael Scherich, Cyndie, Bernie, Jason, Penny, Sons and family - 4 security guys!
20 cameras on property, 4 cleaning crews, 1 office, NO food inside, NO alcohol, Parking at the parking structure, OLD.world open 10-4pm
NO kids allowed, NO stroller, NO masks, distance 1 foot, Thefts w'call police! NO drugs, Police + Health department on promise. PEACE . . .

If you "A PRIVATE" - YES you CAN sale your own stuff on our place/property, BUT you have to coin our NGRC for one year member-ship ($50).
We will help you set-up and advertise. Our club is 40 years registered and successful running at TRW-swap-meet, as you remember. BIZ license o.k.
We like just continuous the FANTASTIC trade, buy and sale of electronics and toys. FUN every month and make a little bit $ for your retirement.
Be nice and loyal to your/our customers/visitors. Respect the rights and rules of the owners. Pay your TAX, when ask. Not all are sooo smart like you!

JOHN@KRAUS.vip  call only 12 noon to 12 midnight [after we send you a phone number]

PAYMENT are made out to OId.world - 7561 Center Ave. #49 - Huntington Beach - CA 92647 - (714) 895-8020

preferred  www.PayPal.com  account  swapmeet@OId.world  24/7 or cash at the door/office - get coupons