LEASE for JOHN KRAUS 310-Mr.INTERNET - Nov 3rd, 2023
3747 E Anaheim St, Long Beach, CA
Phone 562-726-0885


Ahmad Ismaeil lease the property above to
John Kraus aka 310-Mr.INTERNET
Phone 310-320-2226 + 562-36-36-700


Time from November to December 2023
for $1,000 ea. cash, paid on Nov 3rd, 2023


NEXT lease period is Jan 2024 to June 2024 for $1,500 mo
Paid in cash $9,000 on Dec 29th, 2023


NEXT lease period is July 2024 to December 2024
for $2,000 month
Also John paid in cash the outstanding $2,250 electro bill for unit 3747
to the bank, Ahmad paid $500. Johns e-bill is paid for full 2024
John will stay for work + security at the location . . .
The place can be temporary <30% occupied for Mr. Ahmed's storage
John will move in slowly and clean the place up [window]


John prefer if Mr. Ahmed put up with working together!


Every idea from John has to be written agreed from Ahmed

JOHN will work for Mr. Ahmed at
to make money: for the BIZ ! Also make advertising . . .
He will revamp the INTERNET with ALL links and KEYWORDS
Also he will redecorate the CAFE + HOOKAH place for more fun.
Prepare for parties, weddings and shows: like "belly dance" etc.
We will have live MUSIC nights - streaming on Facebook !


John will produce RADIO + TV jingles to advertise the BIZ !
John will use 'X' + FACEBOOK + social media
John will make and print flyers for house-holds in the neighborhood.
Also print flyers for BIZ + cars, local shops and, and
John will make coupons for food and parties and distribute !


Also John will make a new additional  MENU, for take-out +++
i.e. PIZZA [ we will buy from . . . ]
He will make the sound like "SOUND" in the place . . .
Install a light show for short presentations + party, New Years Party!
John will have a LASER-SHOW FRI + SAT 11 pm to 12 pm only . . .


Will also work, on request as MGR at the Cafe + Hookah place


His salary will be around ~$25/hr. + tip, 1040 freelancer !
JOHN will produce a time-sheet with all expenses, TAX deductible !


The most time John will work only in the background, run his BIZ.
John will keep his 32 years BIZ online as is . . . [PayPal shopping]


John is ready to help and do anything to improof the NILE.CAFE !


Cancel the lease before July 2024 is NOT possible (.)


We both agree to the above rules and sign below:


Mr. Ahmad  Ismaeil                      John Kraus
X________________________  X______________________
Long Beach, November 3rd, 2024
$2000 in cash received, signed by Mr. Ahmed
John also paid a 'deposit' with a BITCOIN value $37,000 [BTC not for sale]
    BANK + certificate - money-account