xx Dear Mr. Ahmad

Plz talk straight forward to me and do not invent something!
I need my electricity turned on proper
or reroute from next door - I don't care "HOW".
YOUR BILL was over $3000 ! and you still owe $694.16 !!!
"I PAID" you 3 times already - and nothing is done!
$2,250 cash in January for "MY" future power at 3747 !
$100 cash month ago for your helper and
$100 cash for the cable to "JOAN"
He say: he CAN put a extension forward from the next BOX!
I do NOT care - HOW HE DO IT - JUST DO IT . . .
NOW: important !
I called Edison and introduce my self as your TAX accountant 2023!
YES - I'll help you save and MAKE the right TAX for 2023!
I told the lady we use the place 3747 as "storage", no need of power.
Edison say: YOU disconnect 2021 the 3747 place.
"I" don't care how and what's happen !
I will NOT interfere in YOUR biz ! "I" lease from "YOU" - BOSS - !
BUT when "I" make a BIZ/DEAL with YOU, plz follow the rules!
Be nice to me - and "I'll" be nice to you too . . .
I spend $4000+ for you to make the HOOKAH place fun and working!
YOU just kicked me out and disconnect all laser and lights!
Plz what I can do for you - when you always do the reveres . . .
I have nothing to say and the people dance on your head and laugh about!
HERE has to be a 'strong hand' and practice as a BUSINESS not a party!
Sorry for the flood and your loses . . .
WE will make it again with "MY" help - promise . . .

Best, your friend from outer space, John