Hello Mr. Schreiber  "NEUE-PRESSE"

  looking forward to get maybe a trail/testing job,

  for REPORTS, chat's, interview, design, web-work, etc.

  and any work as freelancer in the South-Bay area
  [ I live in Long Beach 405/105/110/710/5/91 ]


 plz be NOT mad - check what I did:

 www.NEUE-PRESSE.us    [ you can forward or put on what ever you like ]

 this is very important for SEO  (do not hurt . . .)

 and if "I" work for you: for NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS - I'll get for you . . .

 plz reply or just ring 12 noon to 12 midnight daily 310-Mr.INTERNET or 310-320-2226

 best, John Kraus