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Bitcoin doesn’t have to be complicated. Bellco has teamed up with Bitcoin firm NYDIG* to make the crypto buying and selling experience as easy and secure as possible.

Bellco members can sign up for access to buy and sell Bitcoin within their Bellco mobile banking app—no tedious verification process necessary. You’ll be able to buy and sell Bitcoin right away.

Plus, NYDIG’s platform is built to the highest security, regulatory, and operational standards, so you can feel secure trading Bitcoin from the convenience of your own mobile device.

If you’re already a Bellco member, simply log into your Bellco mobile app to access Crypto, or download the app today:


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Accessing Bitcoin in the Bellco Mobile App

We have partnered with NYDIG to allow you to buy, sell, and hold Bitcoin through the Bellco mobile app in a matter of seconds. It’s simple and easy to access right on your mobile devices.


1. Log into your Bellco mobile app.


2. Locate your widgets by either selecting “More” in the bottom right of the screen for Apple users, or the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the app for Android users, and select the Crypto widget/link.


3. Accept all the terms and conditions.


4. You can now buy, hold, or sell bitcoin all while viewing your current Bitcoin account balance.

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