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We are a full-service Digital Marketing Company based in India offering Digital Marketing, Web UX & UI, Content Marketing, Hosting, etc. We have been into the business for 3 years now and we have more than 75+ clients from various countries mainly US, UK, Australia, etc.

Here is what we offer in terms of maintaining and improving your online traffic, sales, and overall Internet presence….

01. The first thing we will do is to compose a list of up to 2 or 3 closest  competitor websites that are well placed in search engine rankings.

02. We will then set Google alerts for news and updates coming from these websites on a daily basis and create links based on them.

03. We will download all the back links from your competitors one by one and create backlinks for your website.

04. We will keep constant vigilance on these 2 or 3 Competitors...their work plans, marketing mix, online sales strategy, how they are maintaining their website and how much they invest in marketing their website per month.

05. All reports will be dispatched weekly based on “Competitor analysis and reviews from our technical team”.

06. We will check your site for “canonical” issues (Duplicate Content & URL Issues) and also rewrite your “Meta Titles” “Meta Descriptions” and “Meta Keywords” and implement the changes on the site.

07. We will improve your site visits by changing and improving your on-page and off-page SEO Factors.

08. We will analyses your sitemap to make sure it is correct and submit it to GWT (Google Webmaster Tools).

09.  We will also check to make sure your website’s navigation structure and internal links look SEO friendly.

10. We will add an Internal Blog within your site and produce content describing your product & services.

11. All your pages will be checked to make sure your site has the correct keyword density, very important for search engines.

12. We will check to make sure your content and design meet the guidelines as set out in Google Webmaster Tool.

13. We will do the “off-page” Link building on the following theme: Directory, Bookmark, Articles, Blogs, comments, forums, etc in order to increase the backlinks and rank your website in the top tier of search engines.

14. All Business listing websites will be emailed to you for review before we get started working on them.

15. A report will be emailed to you each week as a “Weekly Report” where you find all work completed each week.

16. We have dedicated managers to check and respond to your emails (usually within an hour) to resolve any issues, suggestions or questions you may have.

17. We will be pleased to guide and explain to you the search engine guidelines and help you understand how to manage your website smoothly and effectively.

Contact us at your convenience and provide a phone number or Skype ID that you would like us to call and discuss your requirements BTW Thank you for your time…

Thanks, I look forward to your thoughts.

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SEO, for, BITCOIN, buy, trade, sell, sale, partial, mining, digital, money, satoshi, (c),, hosting, 310-Mr.INTERNET since 1994
SEO, for, BITCOIN, buy, trade, sell, sale, partial, mining, digital, money, satoshi, (c),, hosting, 310-Mr.INTERNET since 1994