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Hotel Software :(CRM) & Guest Management( ERP)

We have made a Customized software for hotels which is a complete solution for Hotel Management and Marketing. The purpose of this software is to set up a communication base with our esteemed clients on various social media platforms online as well as in Real time thereby addressing all customer queries and valuable feedback. This would help in improving the overall performance of Hotel operations. This is a single solution for guest management and hotel sales and marketing. Our aim is to enhance the overall experience of guests staying at the hotel. We wish to reduce the hotel staff workload and establish a relationship between our esteemed clients and the management. This will improve the ranking of the hotel by a single software.

Software Performance

The performance of this software is very versatile. For this we have developed three modules in our hotel software which comes to you under one small investment. The first software module is developed for the hotel sales and marketing professionals to set up communication with their potential customers all over the world. The second module is to increase hotel online presence and also to increase direct revenue and footfall at the hotel. This module is also responsible for improving the overall guest experience in addition to highlighting important feedback. This software has a real time communication system which would not disturb the privacy of the guest and also ensure communication of the guest with all the departments of the hotel by way of a telephone call. This would ensure a prompt and fast response of the hotel staff thereby increasing the customer satisfaction. The third software module is responsible for setting up (CRM) Customer Relationship Management between the hotel and its guests. This would build up the Hotel’s reputation online on sites like Trip Advisor as well as collect feedback from clients who might have visited the hotel in the past. The software administrator can send emails, sms and what’s app messages for follow ups. Please feel free to call us for a demo of the hotel CRM software; we will be pleased to cater to your specific requirements. A(CRM) Customer-Relationship Management Between Hotel Operator Vs Hotel Guests. Built Up Hotel Online reputation on Trip advisor. Collect Guest Feedback and Pre-Set Marketing to All Hotel customers who visited in past at the Hotel. Software Admin can send emails SMS and WhatsApp messages marketing complains From the software Call Us for a Demo ofSystems Hotel CRM Software.

(CRM) Software Benefits

There will be many benefits from our Hotel software because it is made as per the Instructions, Requirements and needs from Hotel professionals. We have targeted ONE-must to-do Hotels complimentary-expenses (Hotel-Hot-Spot) -Fi into many solutions and fruitful Results for Hotel operator as well as Hotel customers and Guests. Our software program is capable for solving many Hotel problems from Software. A small investment for your Hotel you can set up an effective and result-oriented Hotel sales and marketing implementation. From Our Software Sales Professionals can increased their connections and Relationship with potential target Audience. Our Hotel (CRM) Customer Relationship Management Services are made to Increase Hotel Revenues, Relationship and Reputation with Hotel Guests from a systems. Our software is a complete Hotel management software which included Guest management, Guest-preference management, One-touch Service-Management, Staff and Guest-communication-Management, Hotel Reputation Management, Hotel complaint management, Hotel social media marketing management, TripAdvisor Ranking management, Room service and  FBN Revenue increased management, Email and SMS marketing management, Google SEO management. Call us for Demo Of software and see Complet Hotel Management Software

Why Our Software ?

The result matters, our software are having a problem solving capacity. We never recommend our software to the hospitality operators. We just request hospitality operators to see a demonstration of our software. Use your wisdom sense and self-examine how beneficial our software is for your hotel business. Mostly every Hotel operator having a solution for Guest management and software for sales and marketing but still most of the software are failed in the purpose which they are being purchased. Our software converts complementary expenses into many solutions and facilities for Hotel operators and Hotel guest and customers. Our software is a result oriented platform for the hospitality industry. Because we understand what is the actual need of Technology in hotel operations. We have made our software to provide a solution for Hotel operators. Our case studies proved our software is a complete hotel software fortune Hotel operators who are looking for marketing company for hotels, online reputation management companies for hotels, increasing Hotel revenues and Occupancy and finding a suitable solution on internet and Google searches. Please call us for a demonstration of our . Systems Hotel CRM Software

Best Hotel (CRM) and Our Services

Hotel software and Systems Provider India. A (CRM) for Increasing Guest experiences. Inbuilt Marketing solution. Control Guest complaints, capture feedback, (ORM), Trip-Advisor Ranking formula. A Software For increasing Hotel revenues and reputation. Hotel guest is God And Our software does workshop of your God. An Effective communication with the target audience will increase revenues for Hotels and A Effective communication internally in the Hotel about staying Guest request Improves Customer Satisfaction for sure. and build up a Great Online reputation marketing .

(CRM) Services for Hotels & Hospitality

We provide our Hotel software and services in Rajasthan ( Jaipur, Udaipur, Ajmer, Kota, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer) Maharashtra (all cities in Mumbai,including Thane, Borivali, Andheri) Goa, Bangalore, Karnataka, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi (including Haryana, Delhi NCR ) which include Hotel CRM Software and Services ,Hotel Guest Management Software & Services, Hotel online reputation Management software & Services, Hotel sales and marketing services and software. We are innovative Hotel software development IT professionals and Hotel professionals. Who are finding ISSUES in the hospitality industry and Provides solutions with software and systems development. Our Software contributes in customer experiences on a high level and many problems solving Software for Hotel professionals and operators. Our software is a cloud SAAS Product.
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Earn More you pay

Our software price is a small investment and many results. We have thought out of the box and added Amazon and Google AdSense affiliate program in our hot spot CRM software and Guest Google MACRM Software program. It means the software has a capacity to recover more than you paid as an investment in the software. We have found few Hotel employees do not invest their time in our software when Hotel sales increased with our software. Due to this, we have developed a program where we provide maximum benefit to our clients with our innovative Hotel software Technologies. Please call us for demonstration.

Our Hotel CRM software + your hotel staff+ your hotel sales team = happy customer and more revenues

We are very proudly to announce we Are Young innovative IT team, and help organization to getting a optimize advantage from digital marketing by our very unique software WiFi CRM This CRM is made in India with lot of research and development our software work with logic and best economical IT services . We have considered three things while making this product. Safe secure and intelligent made in India product which show results at International Portals

Message from Director, Dear Hotel owners we have developed a successful tool which can convert your complementary must do WiFi expense to your hotel social media marketing. It is made in India tool and inspired the concept of recycle and reuse Don't waste your money in marketing not considering your target audiences you are target audience are those people who are today present at your hotel make them your brand ambassador very soon you will learn the power of love and mouth publicity at social media marketing Amit Gaur

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