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U.S. Max Pain Pad $18.00

Are you still suffering from the painful from your bones or from your swelling part? All medicine you have tried doesn't work? The doctor asked you to accept the surgery? What if you still feel painful of your swelling part after the surgery?


Using two times for the mild cases, four times for the severe cases as a period of treatment.
All of the users strongly recommend which proves the obvious effect.

The indications for this MAX PAIN PAD:

The inflammation, pain and swelling situation from these following positrons: Neck, Shoulder, shoulder blade, back, lumbar, caudal vertebra, ischium, innominate bone, thighbone, knee-joint, crus, thoracic vertebra, ankle, heel, finger, toe. And also get injured or become turgescent by the following accidents: falling down, fighting, sprain, sporting, sprain in the lumbar region and traffic collision.

The patients' experiences:

1. The first case: Mrs Li works in the office, she often feels painful with her neck, shoulder and she also has headache. After she went to see the doctor, she used the pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs and then she went to accept the physiotherapy. She tried the traumatic clinic and did the acupuncture. All doesn't work. But after she uses this U.S. max pain pad, all of the symptoms are released.
2. The second case: Old Sun used to feel hurt of her knee joint, she had the problem of walking up and down stairs. The doctor said it is because of the age-related degeneration and the attrition. She started to take the pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs and went to try the physiotherapy. She tried the traumatic clinic and did the acupuncture. All doesn't work. But after she uses this U.S. max pain pad, all of the symptoms are released. She feels easy to walking up and down stairs.
3. The third case: Mr Liu often felt painful of his thighbone before because of the long-term alcohol abuse. Always live in the painful. He used to try all kinds of treatment, all didn't work. But after she uses this U.S. max pain pad, the painful are released.

The major Ingredients:

Ginseng (6%), Myrrh (8%), Frankincense (8%), Sanqi (14%), chuanxiong (4%), Large-leaved Gentian (15%), Speranskia grass (4%), Hyssop (15%), Cowherb sed (5%), Lovage (5%), Eucommia (6%), Wujiapi (10%), without any western medicine, without steroid, very safe.




U.S.MAX PAIN PADŽ is derived from 100% natural Chinese herbs. It is helps reduce the discomfort associated with pains from falls, sprains, strains, bruises and contusions. Lots of people around the world used, the result is an extremely effective.


Size(S) for discomfort in the toes and/or fingers.
Size(M) for wrist, elbow, back, minor neck area and/or ankles, heel spurs.
Size(L)for neck, shoulder, lower back, pelvis area, and/or knee joints.


For neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, back, waist, tail bone, ischium, femur, hip, knee, ankle, heel, fingers, toes and etc. Due to sports, work, car accident, bruises, strains, sprains, bruises, wounding caused by the swelling and pain are applicable. Adults and children 12 years of age and older can be use. Children under 12 years should consult a physician before applying.


Adhesive the size of the appropriate pain pad on the swelling or paining. Can be use at day and night. Apply to 6-8 hours per plaster. Apply the second plaster same time next day or two days later. Most of people one box (each box of four) for a course of treatment, but some people need to use several course of treatments to be effective. Cut with scissors aluminum bag, take out a traditional Chinese herbs liquid cotton, apply to the location of pain or swelling.


Cotton pad (with U.S.MAX trans-dermal solution) sealed in a foil pouch, bandage applicator. Store at room temperature.


Size(S): Cotton 45mm(Diameter)Adhesive Plaster 75mm×75mm(Square)
Size(M): Cotton75mm(Diameter)Adhesive Plaster138mm×138mm(Square)
Size(L): Cotton 127mm(Diameter)Adhesive Plaster 177.8mm×177.8mm(Square)


Gentiana Macrophylla pall, Achyranthes Bidentata BI, Panax notoginseng, Acanthopanax Gracllis Tyius, Commiphora Myrrha, Boswellia Carterii Birdw., Panax Ginseng, Eucommia Ulmoides Oliv.,Vaccaria Segetalis, Angelica Biserrate, Ligusticum Chuanxiong Hort., Caulis Impatiens Balsaminas with Alcohol.


For external use only. Prohibited oral. Do not use on the face. Do not get into eyes. Pregnant and nursing can not be use. You should not use this product if you have: heart disease, people who bleed easily, severe diabetes, allergies, patients with weak constitution. Can not be attached to the skin where the wound, Placed in a cool place, Keep out of reach of children. During the period of use, should not consume spicy food and/or drink alcohol, and likely to cause food allergies. If redness or itchiness and other allergies after patching, please stop use immediately, and consult a doctor promptly. Because some people may allergic to adhesive plaster or alcohol and herbals. If you have any questions, please call The United states(425)562-5888or Hong Kong (825)3586-2007(Answer questions and mail-order)




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