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HomeTECH HI-6000 / HI-6001 $439.00

  • Wall Mount Remote Control
  • Deodorizer
  • Warm Air Dryer
  • Fits One and Two Piece Toilets
  • Made with germ resistant durable molded plastic
  • Self-cleaning spray nozzle
  • Thermostat controlled water temperature
  • Built-in memory system regulates water pressure and temperature
  • Double anti back-flow devices
  • Easy replaces most standard toilet seats
  • Designed to fit one and two pieces toilet
    Hydraulic Seat Lid
  • Comfortable heated seat
  • Push button control pane
  • Built-in ground fault production
  • One-year limited warranty
Feel fresh bidets by HomeTech are designed to introduce you to a new world of personal comfort and Family Hygiene. Using the very latest in technology, Feel Fresh bidets are easy to install and include a wide range of convenient features, each designed to provide a healthier and cleaner body for all members of the family including those physically challenged.

HI-6000 Series Specifications

(regular Type)

(Elongated Type)

Power Supply AC120V, 60Hz
Power Consumption 510 W
Power Cord Length 4ft. (1.2M)


Warm Water Tank 0.23 gal.
Water Temperature Adjustable in 4 steps; Room Temp./95F(35C)/99.5F(37.5C)/104F(40c)
Safety Devices Thermo cut/off switch, float equipped w/stop valve & vacuum switch breaker
Water Flow Adjustable in 5 steps; Approx. 0.13 - 0.27 gal./min.


Surface Adjustable in 4 steps; Room Temp./93.2F(34C)/99.5F(37.5C)/104F(40C)
Power Consumption 60W
Safety Devices Built-in thermal cutoff
Water Supply Pressure 10psi - 80psi
Safety Devices Ground fault detection circuit breaker, Seat switch
Dimensions 15.75"W x 18.83"D x 7"H 15.75"W x 20"D x 7"H
Weight 9 lbs. 10 lbs.

HI-6000 - HI-6001 Installation Instructions

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