Project:	Building an Unique Cafe Restaurant in the SouthBay of L.A. - California

Operation:	As a restaurant, serving food and drinks with a unique delivery via 
		Model-Train (see attachment). Computer direct the orders from a 'TRAIN - station',
		operated only from machines. NO human can tuch food or drinks until served!
		Food are prepaired fresh as order, no freezer used!
		Hot food with microwave, toaster, mini alexanders and mini waffel grill!

		In the set-up of tables and displays, customer can access the Internet
		via a cordless mouse and monitor implanted in the glass tables (see modell).
		IMPORTANT: ALL access to x-rated sites or games any kind are restricted!!!
		Every table is monitored all the time, and order and/or payments made over
		the internet via fingerprint or barcode reader, equil to Ralphs VIP cards.
		The purpose 'is' to read the newspapers, to order a cheap ticket or computer.
		Advertising will show the menu or business around the shop area.

S E R V I C E S available trough the access of the INTERNET and at the
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Prefered -
Locations:	Sangria, Hermosa, Pier 54, CA 9277				3,000 sq ft
	or	WorldCom, 18707 Hawthorne Blvd., Torrance, CA 90504		3,000 sq ft
	or	Bed & Futon, 4707 Artesia Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260		3,000 sq ft
	or	GolfCenter, 20202 Hawthorne Blvd., Torrance, CA 90503		7,000 sq ft
	or	Gateway Super Store, 20808 Hawthorne Blvd., Torrance, CA 90503	8,000 sq ft
	or	Antiques, 165 th ST, Lawndale, CA 90222				5,000 sq ft
	or	Staple Super Store, 18908 Hawthorne Blvd., Torrance, CA 90504  17,000 sq ft

Time Frame:	2 month to build, opening dateline:  early as Sept. 15th - latest Nov. 1st 2002

Partners & Affiliates:

		John Kraus/Yount GMgr
		Siggi Falter, 	 TechMgr.
		Ginni Wang, 	 Food Mgr.
		Jim McMurtry, 	 Finance Mgr.
		Carl Weitzel,	 Accountant & Tax
		Bruce Sniadach,	 Licenses and paper-work
		Paul Salas,	 Repair & Service
		Maury McMurty,	 Tech & Network

		Norma Goldman,	 Bartender
		Susie Blare,	 Waitress
		Josef Gonzales,  Service Mgr.
		Miralda Lee, 	 Kitchen Mgr.
		Amada Gonzales,	 Cleaning
		Tommy Lee,	 Advertising
& 		  all names are working and online NOW
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Very Healthy F O O D served with a ChooChoo Train, in small containers, available menue

		P I Z Z A 		P A S T A
		Daily new		Daily new
		Salami			Fish
		Meetballs		Roastbeef
		Chicken			Chicken
		Spicy			Alfredo
		S O U P	s		S A N D W I C H E S
		Daily fresh		B L T
		Barley			Roastbeef
		Broccoli		Chicken
		French Onions		Tuna
		Potetos Leak		Turkey
		Nuddle			Pastrami & Salami
		Fish			Vegeterian
		S U S H I		F i s c h   &   C h i p s
		Tuna			Blue Frys
		Salmon			Blue Chips
		White Fish		Blue Fish
		Eel			Red Fish
		Albacore		Green Fish
		Wiener			Patriot Fish Plate
		Rolls allot

		S A L A D S		V e g e t a r i a n
		Ceasar			plain, dry
		Teraki Chicken		special italy
		Cheese			Burger
		Crispy house		Juiced Salat

		B A K E R Y		S W E E T S
		Moffins			Chocolate
		5 Cakes			Cookies
		Croissant		Craker
		I c e  c r e a m	C a f e   &   T e a
		Vanille			fresh grained
		Chocolate		Columbia
		Strawberry		French roast
		Pestazzia		Cafe Latte & Capuccino
					Espresso & Mocca
					Chocolate & Ice Cafe

		B O B A			T E A
		50 choices		Breakfast black tea
					Green Tea & 50 choices