S A F E   B U S I N E S S

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+ INVESTORS, from $ 1,000 to ?
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INVESTMENT a la cart  

As an INVESTOR you have to know:

Open a very Unique Healthy Cafe Restaurant;
also whatever we can sale on a little choochoo train.

ASAP, this year 2002

In The South Bay of Los Angeles, later as Franchise everywhere

This kind Restaurant is the missing link in the food chain
and a fun place for the whole family, perfect for party or birthdays

With a 'Top Crew', the best sorted food collection, fast and inexpensive.
No waiting line or hostess will bother you. Fast in and out;
with the fastest paying system available.

Anybody like discoverer, inventors, smart gigs and YOU . . .

With small investments from anybody tired of stock brokers promises.
Start learning the business world the right way, invest in yourself!

NOT right way; minimum one year investment with 20% minimum profit cash pay
back. On top a net profit plus from the sales made from the business as 
kind partner ship. Guaranty pay back 110% from your investment allowance. 
All purchase made with your money is only 'yours', and can taken out if 
anything goes wrong. Each item will have your name tag on as owner!

Are $1,000 as a kind loan from 'YOUR' banks credit card:
You 'let' put $1,000  on to your Credit Card for purchase 
of fixtures or/and inventory, computers or counters, dishes and services;
permit by the management from the Company: 'www.C-A-F-E.us' 

WE will pay back the monthly interest and also the necessary principal.

Under 49% of the full amount invested to the company 'C-A-F-E.us'.
Also maximum 100 investors

VALUE of the Company 'C-A-F-E.us' today:
Start Capital: $60,000 and also on Inventory/Fixtures ~ $100,000

SPECIALTY and why we think this idea is very successful:
A very Unique delivery system to replace the waiter or/and hostess -
with an Model Train size 'G', scale: 1:22,5; called LGB (LGB.com).
The Train will serve not only the drinks and food,
also will delivery merchandise as sunglasses or custom jewelry.
In the Train is also a speaker system to take special orders
for food or drinks i.e. the window at McDonald for explanation or help.
The Train also serve access to the INTERNET via mouse or/and keyboard.
Implanted in every table are monitors to get the newspapers or news from
all over the world or shop on the NET live to buy a new computer.
IMPORTANT: Nobody can access X-rated or games pages, there are allots of 
filters, and let play only kids age over 6 years. For kids under 6 is a 
special place reserved.

Not for little children, but for BIG boys and parents, to educate
the possibilities from the today available techniques.
High end computer manage all orders and payments.
Cameras on each table monitor the right orders and serve the kitchen
personal with the fast information to prepare the fresh and NOT frozen food. 
All drinks are filled via computer and exact the amount you ask, all the 
time. Food are served in close clear warm or cold containers, also very 
sterile. All drinks come in a special cup or glass, and customer can buy 
the cup as souvenir.

A main Railway Station deliver all orders and send the 'used' 'dirty' 
dishes back to a special automatic cleaning station, the customer put 
back on the train.

All together are there around 20-30 full loaded Trains in service,
each with a Locomotive (different kind), a tender (second car), a drink car
(2 axle), a food car (4 axle), and end car for service napkins 
or/and salt and pepper, etc.

A big display show the customer the live drawing board with position 
from 'his' Train and he can calculate how long it takes to get to him. 
Also are all Trains visible all the time and taped via VCR and high 
resolution cameras. Sensors in the Train are the brain from the system. 
All Locomotive have anti collision protection, via infrared sensors 
and block sensors via magnet and mechanical switches.

To make a order: The customer can waive his hand under the table, activate
the infrared sensor or just hit a button on the table, or order via 
computer display from the menu on the screen. Or just wait until the 
Train comes randomly every 5 minute to visit with new items offer, as 
Business cards, with paid advertising, CD's or Videos played this moment. 
In rush-hour as Lunch time 12-1pm, happy hour 4-7pm or dinner 7-9pm 
(or midnight special), the Train will bring hot food i.e. Soups or cool 
food i.e. salads, randomly to the table,and also drink special as 
Hawaiian Punch or special fruit cocktails. First serve, first get.

SUSHI is served all the time in a continuous matter, different offer and 
specials as one price 'all you can eat' is pronounced and advertised in 
Hotel lobby's, newspapers, and TV specials. Also biz-cards and flyers are 
given to all local households, computer stores, libraries, and super 
markets. Car wash and companies around the location are invited for a 
special tread. Retire cafe offer or kid party on requests. 
Vender presentation and school for many outstanding reasons. 

All Trains have a special invented BarCode system to direct the orders 
to the right table. Also get every customer on the door a 'VIP Card' to 
identify the single customer or party. Each card have a unique BarCode, 
related to the Customers identification. (like Ralph-card's) On top 
for special VIP's we have the picture on the VIP CARD, taking from the 
Train on the table.
The unique payment system allow to pay via Fingerprint, to pay fast and 
direct from the table like the 'QuickKey' from the Gas Station.

PEOPLE/Partners involved:
JOHN Kraus 		main operator, GMgr.                 	 1
GINNE Wang F		food selector, accounting             	 2
Pauline Huag F  	salad buffet, soups serving		 3
Charles Dandrade 	designer, biz advisor, critic		 4
GEORGE Griffit  	technical mgr.				 5
SIGGI Falter		personal mgr., runtime mgr.		 6
BRUCE Sniadach  	office and advisor, critic		 7
Walt Glushko		advertising, public relation		 8
RICH Bulow  		mechanic instructor	             	 9
MAURY McGulach  	mechanic, technical service mgr.	10
PAUL SALAS  		publicity mgr.				11
JOE SALAS  		shift mgr.                       	12
JIM McMurty		overall organization, city mgr., sales	13
Andy Rondella      	merchandise operation              	14
Joe Baars  		whole seller, delivery			15
REBEKKA Valerian F 	sushi chef and bar mgr.			16
JUSHUA Goldman  	kitchen mgr.                         	17
MARCUS Unriges  	cleaning service mgr.			18
CARL Weitzel		tax, insurance				19
BILL Kopesky		lawyer, attorney                     	20

John Kraus		$130,000	fixture/inventory
John Yount		$ 22,000	cash
Ginne Wang		$ 30,000	credit
Momo Mongul		$ 15,000	credit
Siggi Falter		$  5,000	cash
Joe Salas		$  5,000	credit
Walt Glushko		$  5,000	cash
Charles Dandrade	$  2,500	cash
Bill Kopesky		$  2,500	cash
and 90 investors, 



Layout for delivery system and placing monitors and traks:

John Kraus/Yount      Torrance/Redonda Beach/Hermosa Beach  July 30th 2002