The Ultimate Delicacy
The Freshest Vegetables
At Ultimate Delicacy we hand select only the finest, freshest vegetables from our private farms located across the United States. We stand behind our vegetables 100%, and guarantee you will receive nothing but the best, or we will return 100% of the purchase price, and provide you a 25% discount coupon for any further orders.

$79.95 + S/H
Add Some Spice to Life!
Tired of long, boring days? Then spice up the night with these chili peppers! Over 10lbs of dried and fresh peppers, this is a spice lovers dream come true.
Total weight: 24lbs. Shipping: Within 24 hours. Cost: $79.95 + $9.95 S/H


$94.95 + S/H
Mixed Vegetable Platter
We hand select an assortment of the top seasonal vegetables, garnish them with hand crafted decorations, and then deliver it right to your door. Perfect as a gift, or for yourself, this colorful medley of food will feed an entire party, or family event.
Total weight: 29lbs. Shipping: Within 24 hours. Cost: $94.95 + S/H

Vegetable Options:


$44.95 + S/H
Fresh Tomato Basket
Many people don't know that tomatoes are actually a fruit. You won't question that the first bite you take of these juicy masterpieces. As fresh, and ripe, as mother nature makes them -- these tomatoes are fit for royalty.
Total weight: 7lbs. Shipping: Within 24 hours. Cost: $44.95 + S/H

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