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Have your own Custom Business Website or Homepage on any Cellular Phone in the world, with

l inks to your Shopping Mall and full Internet access.

Convert your existing WWW web-site to WAP!

                                                                                                                              (Wireless Application Protocol)

We put your business on and/or


Be listed in the new Directory (web-site)

All for only $ 9.95/mo. ea. Page, up to 5 ! phone screens!

prepaid only $100/year - save 20% (includes 1 free web page)

                Easy and Fast Setup with free templates and free forms!

Sample: (web-site) or (use your internet cell phone)

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WHY?                                                 (Profitable Affiliate Programs for dealers)

-        Encourages your customers to shop easily and only in your store with

Shopping on your Home Page or Web-Site with any Cellular Phone!


BUY, RENT, LEASE, TRADE                  (keep your customers for future BIZ)

-         New Phones and Accessories i.e. Batteries, Cables from your store only

-         Shop for a New House, Rent a Car, Buy School Books, or just have fun.

-         Find Cheap Hotels and make Air Fare Reservations.   i.e. L.V. $15?!


MAKE EXTRA MONEY - resell YOUR Home page
to your business
customers and

get free a listing with your Home page in the new  www.2580.WS Directory

- earn 50% for each new referred customer of any sale over years.

- i.e. 1 Home page and 5 extra links: $15/mo. = $ 180/year (paid hosting)

  > keep $ 90.00 / every year – or more!   $$$ Without any work from you.


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web-design – hosting – ISP – dial-up – DSL – wireless network – T3/colo

fiber – on-line banking – new business cards – internet school / meetings

ISP - business seminars – virus protections – new computers + services

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